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March 2023

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Latest brief news from Masindi informs us that the first phase of building the Centre is complete, and the building is already in use. More news to follow soon.

November 2022

News from Masindi is sporadic, even at the best of times, and progress on our Children’s Centre moves more slowly than expected. However, we are delighted to learn that work on the class­room and administration block has reached roof level.

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SeeNews from Masindifor recent updates.

September 2022

After lengthy delays, the CLDC Board has approved revised plans for the first phase of our Children’s Centre and has awarded the contract for the work to a local Masindi builder. A couple of months ago, sugar cane on the seven-acre site, adjacent to the Hoima road, was harvested, and the site was cleared and graded. Work on this class­room and administration block has now reached window level. The builder expects that the single-storey block will be roofed in the next few weeks — an exciting prospect.

work on the classroom block has reached window level
work on the classroom block has reached window level

Draft plans for the Centre

These draft plans have been drawn up by a Ugandan architect. We welcome offers of help or funding for this major project — especially for providing water and solar power. We are also looking for contacts with organisations or Ugandan NGOs that may be able to provide technical expertise or practical on-the-ground assistance for the project.
PleaseContact us if you can provide funding, or have other ways of helping us

draft plans for the children’s centre
plans for the children’s centre


CLDC Uganda is a small not-for-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO), registered with the Ugandan Ministry of Internal Affairs (no. 10183). We have supported under-privileged children in the Masindi region of Uganda since 2005.
SeeHow it all began for more information.

view from the site for our children’s centre
view from the site for our children’s centre

CLDC Management

CLDC Uganda has no paid officers or paid board members; all CLDC staff in Uganda and in the UK give their services freely and voluntarily.
In Masindi, a board of school parents and helpers under the chairmanship of Jimmy Obonyo, former headmaster of Bulima Primary School, scrutinizes and approves all expenditure, and initiates new projects in the community. The Board’s financial controller, Sylivia Nganjani, joined CLDC early in 2022. Sylivia has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration-Accounting and manages all our money matters in Masindi. With her IT skills, she also has a brief to maintain and develop our website.

Jimmy Obonyo (fourth from right) with CLDC Board members in 2019
Jimmy Obonyo (fourth from right) with CLDC Board members in 2019

In the UK, the Saturday second-hand bookstall in Oxford, CLDC’s major fundraising source, is run by a small, dedicated team of unpaid volunteers.

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