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Wednesday 23rd November 2022

Today, we received these images of the first roofing trusses being positioned on the classroom block.

workman with roofing trusses
workman with roofing trusses

the first trusses are in place
the first trusses are in place

Monday 17th October 2022

Congratulations to our financial controller, Sylivia, on the birth of a daughter, Linda, on October 4th. We are happy to hear that both mother and baby are in excellent health.

Sylivia’s baby, Linda
Baby Linda

Saturday 8th October 2022

Eriab with tree saplings
Eriab with saplings

When David was in Masindi in April he happened to meet the local represent­ative of the Ugandan National Forestry Authority. On hearing about our plans for the Chlldren’s Centre, Anthony offered to supply some saplings — as part of the Authority’s reforestation initiative — for planting along the perimeter of our site. Jimmy Obonyo sends news that the saplings have arrived, and that committee member Eriab has overseen the planting of a double row along the site boundary. Sadly, there is no photo of this work in progress — just this small image of Eriab holding two of the saplings.

Thursday 29th September 2022

Work on the single-storey first classroom block and the administration block is progressing well. The builder expects that roofing of both blocks will be completed within the next few weeks.

part of the first classroom block
work on the first classroom block has reached window level

Monday 22nd August 2022

random image

After lengthy delays, the contract for building the first phase of our Childrem’s Centre has been awarded to a local Masindi builder. His workmen are busy erecting fencing round the entire site. Work on foundations and laying the first few courses of building blocks should begin very soon.

bricks for foundation work
piles of bricks for the foundations

Saturday 6th August 2022

Sylivia Nganjani on her graduation day

Sylivia graduates from university

We are delighted to congratulate our financial controller, Sylivia Nganjani, on her graduation from Uganda Christian University in Mukono on Friday last week with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration-Accounting.

Appointed to the CLDC Board early this year, Sylivia oversees all financial matters in Masindi with the comprehensive computer-based accounting system she set up that covers all petty cash payments and other major disbursements.
It is good to know that our finances are in well-qualified hands.

Saturday 9th April 2022

David’s visit to Masindi 2022 : post #8

Tomorrow, I leave Masindi for a few days of rest in Kampala before my return flight to the UK. It’s been a busy and tiring three weeks of visits and meetings with the committee, builders, and sundry others. I’m pleased to report that I achieved all my objectives on this visit, and I’m delighted that, after fifteen years of fundraising, my dream of a Children’s Centre will soon become a reality. Many thanks to Jimmy and the committee here in Masindi for their work and unstinting support for the project. I look forward to my next visit with great anticipation.

Thursday 7th April 2022

David’s visit to Masindi ; post #7

When Jimmy and I were in Masindi this morning, quite by chance we met the local representative of the Ugandan National Forestry Authority. As we chatted, we outlined to him our plans for the Chlldren’s Centre and were stunned when he offered to supply saplings — as part of the Authority’s reforestation initiative — for planting along the perimeter of our site. Of course, we readily accepted. Jimmy plans to delegate a committee member to liaise with Anthony and oversee the planting in the near future.

Monday 4th April 2022

David’s visit to Masindi 2022 ; post #6

Four days ago Jimmy, Sylivia and I went to our sugar cane field where a team of local workers was starting the arduous job of harvesting the crop by hand. By the end of the day the site had been harvested and the sugar cane taken by truck, not to the Kinyara factory as previously, but to a small rival processing plant where we were assured of a better price.

David and sugar cane
David and sugar cane before harvesting

Yesterday, we returned to the site to find that it had been cleared, levelled, and graded — all ready for the first phase of building. Now we wait for the builder’s figures. Things are beginning to happen here; it’s very exciting.

the cleared and graded site
Sylivia and Jimmy survey the cleared site

Thursday 31st March 2022

David’s visit to Masindi 2022 : post #5

One of our successful and ongoing schemes in Masindi is the gifting of a young animal to an under-privileged child to rear, breed from, and so help to support his or her family. A few years ago, we gave a chicken to Godfrey, a boy who has Down’s syndrome. After hatching eggs and rearing the chicks, he had eighteen birds. He sold ten of them, bought a goat, and continued to increase his livestock.

Godfrey gifting a goat to another boy
Godfrey gives one of his goats to another boy

Today, I was pleased to be present as he gave one of his goats to another boy. It was gratifying to witness our gifting scheme in action and to see Godfrey hand over some of his benefits to another deserving boy.

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