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Saturday 17th September

We are ever grateful to Oxford residents who continue to donate books, and we are especially grateful to those of you who buy books one week, and then donate them to the bookstall the following week. Over the past six months, your regular support has generated book sale income of over £2,500 - which has allowed us to begin construction work on ourChildren’s Centrein Masindi. Many thanks to you all.

During David's month-long visit to Masindi earlier in the Spring, a local resident, Chaka Artwell, volunteered to run the bookstall. Since then, Chaka has become a much-valued member of the CLDC team, helping David to set up and man the bookstall every Saturday. Chaka, many thanks for your enthusiastic support.

Chaka Artwell making a book sale
Chaka Artwell making a book sale

Monday 14th February

One of the first tasks undertaken by our newly-appointed board member, Sylivia Nganjani, has been to create a CLDC profile on Facebook.
Visit ourFacebookpage (new tab/window) and share it with your friends.

Wednesday 19th January

Over the past two years, in spite of Covid lockdowns and restrictions, our Saturday bookstall has continued to thrive. Together with some very generous donations from Oxford residents, book sales have now provided sufficient funds for initial work to begin on our Masindi children's centre. Building plans are yet to be finalised, but our team in Masindi expects to make a start on groundwork and making bricks on site in the next few weeks.

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