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About CLDC

CLDC Uganda is a small not-for-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO), registered with the Ugandan Ministry of Internal Affairs (no. 10183), which has been supporting under-privileged children in the Masindi region of Uganda for over fifteen years. Our aim is to enable these children to attend school and have access to basic medical care. We provide them with school uniforms and scholastic materials, and arrange for them to attend the nearby One World Clinic for assessment and treat­ment. Our long-term objective is to build a CLDC Children’s Centre on our own land and make it financially self-supporting.
See ourMasindi Children’s Centrepage for recent updates.

Our smaller projects in Masindi

We have carried out a number of small projects in recent years.The most success­ful of these was the purchase of five locally-made treadle sewing machines. Our children make school uniforms for impoverished families who cannot afford to pay. They also make sports clothes for sale — the proceeds being shared between CLDC and the child who makes them.

We also purchased a number of cows and chickens so that income could be generated for day-to-day CLDC running expenses by selling milk and eggs to the local community. This project was initiated some years ago by a generous donation, expressly for the purpose of buying the first cow, from Patrick Musoni, a Ugandan resident in Oxford, to whom we express our grateful thanks. We now sell milk and eggs to local families each morning, and have a waiting list of other families who want our cows’ milk.

Another successful scheme has been gifting a young animal — a goat or piglet — or a chicken to an under-privileged child to rear, breed from, and help to support the family. One boy with Down’s syndrome started with one chicken. After hatching eggs and rearing the chicks he had eighteen birds. He sold ten of them and bought a goat. He now sells milk and eggs and is able to support a basic livelihood.


Our major projects

CLDC's farm and livestock

Our farm and livestock

Our farm will teach children good agri­cultural practice and animal husbandry, and also generate additional income

solar power for the school

Solar power for the school

In partnership with the WWF, we paid for solar panels and storage batteries to give Bulima Primary School electricity

CLDC's sugar cane fields

Our sugarcane fields

We bought seven acres of land and planted sugarcane to provide a regular income for CLDC and future projects

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page updated  02-03-2023